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Abi Chapman

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Hey! I'm Abi, a creative who is committed to inspiring change through both social and service design. I undertook my degree to develop the skills to become the creative I wanted to be. Not necessarily just a graphic designer, but a designer who takes a community-focused approach to respond to problems within our day-to-day society. I prefer to create outcomes that work with others in research stages, rather than just my personal views of the world. My work does tackle challenging and emotional subjects which will be shown in my showcase below.

Mainstage: Choose Life .20

Mainstage was a tutor-written brief that asked us to create a brand identity for an existing / made-up festival. For this project I decided to create a proposal for a new festival; Choose Life .20. This festival explored how we can use both music and the venue of a festival to raise awareness of Mental Health, create supportive communities, and tackle the issue of Mental Health amongst youth populations. My brand identity solely focused on the implementation of Social Media due to the target audience.

Industry Practice: Invisicare

Invisicare was a proposal that looked at how graphic design could be used to enhance the experience for patients with invisible disability/illness in medical settings. For this project I worked extensively with my own personal experiences as well as working with communities and support systems for those with Invisible Disability. The intention was to allow the invisible to become more visible as well as provide medical practitioners with verified information of medical conditions they may not come across on a day to day basis. Invisicare was a 2-pronged approach when it came to service design, an app, that allowed patients to access their medical information at the tip of their finger-tips to ordering patient packs which were a physical version of the app for those who don't use mobile phones. For the proposal, I focused on one set of conditions, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, taking inspiration from the medical saying, 'when you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras'. Meaning look for the most common explanation, for the most part this works, but for those with EDS, it means that their diagnosis can be missed for many years and their disability becomes more invisible. Invisicare tries to change this.

Self Initiated Project: The Own Your Truth Project

The Own Your Truth Project is a proposal to educate young people about safe and positive LGBTQI+ Relationships. This project was developed due to the alarming statistics of Domestic and Sexual Abuse Survivors within the LGBTQI+ Community alongside the lack of education.

The Project proposes to educate, and empower young people through youth workshops that would occur over one day. As now both a qualified youth worker and graphic designer I wanted to combine both to create a programme than revolves around essential communication.

Another key part of developing this was the quiz “How Long Have You Been a Heterosexual?” that was developed to ask heterosexual individuals questions that the LGBTQI+ Community would be asked on a frequent basis to signify how insensitive these questions are. This played a key part in the visualisation of the project.
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