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Afonso Pereira

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I am a Portuguese graphic designer based in London, UK. I am passionate about Branding and Identity, Motion Graphics and 3D Design.

2035: a short film.

‘2035: a short film’ transports viewers to the year 2035 in a 360° immersive experience where they witness how day-to-day life has improved thanks to great technological developments. On the other hand, romance and human interactions have also changed tremendously and viewers are left to decide if these changes were for the better or for worse.

Watch ‘2035: a short film’ only on YouTube.

ST. JOHN FEST : Branding / Identity.

ST. JOHN FEST has been celebrated in the city of Porto, Portugal every year for over 6 centuries and has rightfully become the country’s most important cultural festival.

Thousands of locals and tourists get together in the week of Midsummer to pay tribute to St. John The Baptist and take part in the various quirky traditions: hitting people’s heads with soft plastic hammers, eating delicious sardines and green soup, smelling basil pots, releasing illuminated hot air balloons into the sky, dancing to Portuguese music and watching one of the most spectacular firework shows in the world.

There’s no fest like ST. JOHN FEST!
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