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Alex Dawson-Banson

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Hello I'm Alex. An artist and designer with a focus on concepts, mixed media and aesthetics. As a creative, I try to insert a part of me into everything I make, and it's important to me that not only does my work visually look good, but also makes the viewer think/feel a certain way when they get the full picture.

We're more similar than you think editorial

‘We’re more similar than you think’ is an editorial that visually depicts the process of overthinking; building the connection between humans and documenting how we deal with overbearing emotions through the coping mechanism of writing.
​The written content of the editorial is the result of multiple people's submissions, visually put together with the use of photography, collages from magazines and illustrations.
The full project is available to view on my website:

Spectrum Music and Arts Festival

Branding for a fictional Music and Arts festival called Spectrum.
The festival provides attendees with the chance to experience 6 different emotions over three days – each with its own logo, colour palette and line up as well as other artistic workshops/activities. The 6 emotions are: Fear and Surprise, Sadness and Jealousy, Anger, Love and Passion, Serenity and Joy and Acceptance. Outcomes for this project included posters for the individual emotions and its acts and content for the festival's Instagram.
The full project is available to view on my website:


Industry Practice project consisting of creating branding visuals for a [fictional] conceptual beauty brand titled ‘X-PRS’; a brand promoting creativity and self- expression through make-up. All visual material consists of curated images found through Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and magazines (images used in this project are not mine) – mixed with lino prints and Letraset typography to create poster, billboard and Instagram feed compositions.
The full project is available to view on my website:
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