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Allen-Olivar Thomas

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I am Colombian-British and have lived in different countries, which has taught me the elements that really make me who I am. I am a climate and social justice activist, using design to help uplift essential voices and highlight valuable education.

I believe the varied influence of cultural diversity throughout my life inspires me to create bold, social justice inspired design, particularly using motion graphics.


Who are we?

We champion the future by creating genuine perspective.
We are the belief that equal representation is necessary to create equality, through equal perspective.
We embody those who reveal the truth.
We believe in empowerment not saviourism.
We are the community that reaches all corners to empower and instil the necessity for independence and unity.
We aim to break through the waves of fragmented information, to help you understand what you need to know.


I wanted to create an app which can cause the phone to vibrate to replicate physical sensations of an anxiety disorder, to give an insight into the emotional and physical experience of living with an anxiety disorder.

For example, to experience Social Anxiety Disorder, you must complete a task, like getting groceries or some clothes, but as you get closer to the goal, the sound and visual effects worsen, to create a more difficult and uncomfortable task.


Listen to us.
We are the open understanding community of empathy. We shout, we embrace, we talk, we listen, we understand, we recognise, we encourage, we empower, we feel, we cry, we fake a smile, we are irrational, we are honest with ourselves. We embrace the irrationality of our crazed existence. We recognise Anxiety and implore you to join us in empowering the necessity of understanding. We accept to supersede. We recognise the need for empathy because we, you and they are not alone, are not trapped. We are here to support and grow together.
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