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Amber Zhang

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Hi, this is Amber Zhang. I am a graphic designer from China. My work is mostly focus on human emotion and social problems. I am interested in moving image and UX design. Hope you can enjoy my work.

Confirmation Bias

In a world with rising tides of nationalism and racism, hateful speech can be found anywhere in the world. People complaining about others based on their race or their nationality even without fully understand the subject they are criticising. This project is aiming to raise awareness of confirmation bias, a bias we have based on our own understanding. Once ideology is formed, it can become really hard to change a way of thinking. I wish my work can make people rethink their opinions, their decisions and questioning, and keep this in their mind.

Coping with the Loss

Over the years, pets have evolved from being a company or distraction to an integral part of families all over the world. As human populations have grown, pet populations are increasing as well. As a pet owner myself, I was really upset about the fact my pet will leave before me, I wish to find to way solve my confusion and frustration. An app was designed based on this idea. It provides a platform for pet owners to share their up and downs, or experience on raising a pet. I wish people can cope with this unspeakable loss by sharing these emotions.
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