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Ana Lapa

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As a multidisciplinary graphic designer, Ana attempts to explore as many avenues as possible to provide the most efficient solutions. She often draws upon the fields of editorial design, art direction, web design, app design, printing techniques, photography and coding, depending on the specification of briefs.

Alongside her studies, Ana has worked for Pentagram Design in their London and New York studios. Working for large corporations across jurisdictions and various freelance projects has aided her proficiency in addressing complex subject matter, tailored always with the client in mind.

Ana's work aims to push graphic design to its extremities, whilst remaining cognizant that simplicity can often offer insightful breakthroughs.

For general enquiries please contact:

Brainchild Festival

Brainchild Festival is a three-day festival celebrating creativity, bold ideas and DIY spirit at a peer-to-peer level. It connects the collectives, communities and creative projects that inspire into a program of live music, jam sessions, spoken word, DJ sets, talks, workshops, film, theatre and installation art.

The (Un)Necessary of 2020

The speculative exhibition The (Un)Necessary of 2020 is set in 2035 and shows how humans were living in 2020 and the impact of their lifestyle on our planet.

Music Visualisation with Code

Visual representation through code of the song ‘Time for Us’ by Nicholas Jaar.
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