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Ananya Mohan

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I am Ananya, a designer originally from India, raised in Hong Kong, and based between London and Hong Kong. Specialising in identity and editorial design with a strong focus in typography and colour, my practice aims to explore the themes of culture and stories through the narrative of design.



SAMANUROOP (समनुरूप Hindi: to conform, comply with rules, behave accordingly to socially acceptable conventions) is a custom Hindi Devanagari typeface designed as a response to the wave of rising extremist and nationalist political climate around the world. It depicts a dystopian, fascist regime through type, by turning the originally curvy and soft Indic Hindi Devanagari script into a bold and geometric form.

The typeface is presented in a combination of an editorial type specimen book as well as a banner. The book specimen is structured to replicate the communist party’s Little Red Book, while the banner is cut and sewn from silk textiles to emulate the Nazi party flags with the name "SAMANUROOP" displayed on it.


NARI (sanskrit: woman) is a film festival celebrating the decade’s best films by South Asian women. Showcasing films with women made by women, NARI believes in putting the women behind the lens in focus. Running through the month of March at Rich Mix, one of London’s most culturally involved theatres, NARI will be featuring critically acclaimed films from an array of South Asian languages like Hindi, Dari, Bengali, Assamese and more.


Designed over the Covid panic period upon moving back home, ONLY CHILD is a light-hearted 80-page publication featuring a collection of experiences from only children around the world, discussing topics such as: cultural background, the ideal sibling, assumptions, etc. It plays with bright colours, large type and childhood portraits to create a childlike essence.
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