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Angel Sandelson

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Through my design practice I aim to create expressive brand communications. My work has focused on designing contemporary typefaces that I then apply to motion design, editorial, user interface and brand design projects. Creating typography is at the heart of my practice because I believe there is fundamental value in the distinctive and purposeful individualism that a custom typeface can create for a brand or community.

Volvo display : Animated specimen

This short animated sequence exhibits the potential for my typeface (Volvo display) to be animated in a variable manner to height and width.

Volvo display : Typeface

The alphabet and extended glyph set of 'Volvo display' an expressive monospaced display font made for promotional animated design and large scale design for public space & exhibitions.

Mia : graphic brand identity

Brand design project for an upcoming fashion design studio MGC by Mia. The branding focuses on timeless femininity and abstracted floral forms.

Mia : promotional campaign video for app

This video shows an animated sequence of navigation through an app in development with Mia. The aim for this project is to use animation to lead the user through the experience of the app with engaging and exciting interactions.

Beyond the streets : Re-brand

This project aimed to re-vitalise the' beyond the streets' street art fair brand with bold and engaging material that could encapsulate the subject of the fair with a graphic design counterpart. The logo design is inspired by early bubblewriting in New York city and the exhibition design includes a custom typeface 'BTS thick' that is a playful take on the exaggerated letterforms within graffiti writing using exaggerated ink traps as the graphic approach.
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