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Angus Robertson

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Angus is a recent graduate of Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication with a strong interest in typography, motion and editorial design.

He loves making work with a sense of humour and exploring notions of taste. Most of all, work that is situated within thorough research and contextual exploration.

IG: @hello.angus

2035 – Future Love

A project looking to make comment on the gamification and heavily digitised dating experiences which exist at present, and what the future of this might look like.

How much will we let data and algorithms engineer our love lives?

‘The Moon Under Water’

George Orwell wrote an essay for the Evening Standard in 1946 titled “The Moon Under Water”, in which he described a fictional pub that existed in his imagination – what he saw to be the perfect image of what a pub should be. This piece takes on a whole new meaning when viewed through the lens of lockdown-Britain and what remains of its ‘pub culture’.

This publication is a look at Britain’s, at times unusual, relationship with Pubs and what that looks like in the current climate.

Full digital publication here -


“Othering within an already othered community: an examination of toxic masculinity within gay-male online dating app ‘Grindr’ - is there a hope for Kindr?”

The book design seeks to demonstrate the way that masculinity and femminity are often at odds with one another within the identities of gay men.

Hard-case leather bound with hot foil debossed title.

MS Paint Mono

Initially an investigation into open-source typography - this project looked to push the boundaries of collaboration by creating a system through which a typeface could be designed by anyone using only Microsoft Paint as their tool.

Culminated as; a submissions website, a perfect bound flip-book of entries, and a 2-colour screenprinted type specimen.
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