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Ashwaq Fahem

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An ambitious and committed individual graphic designer who is able to work confidently on her own, but equally could work with a team. Able to meet project deadlines and demonstrates an engagement with the project briefs. Enjoys working with typography, calligraphy, designing editorials, and able to use different materials to design objects. 

Industry Practice project (Sitara Typeface)

The industry practice project is to investigate and examine areas within the creative and communication industries. I chose to work with typography which I feel is in line with my future ambitions. A colourful Yemeni fabric (Sitara) which is worn by old women was an inspiration for me as I used the patterns on it to design the Sitara typeface. I deconstructed the patterns and combined them to design the typeface and I used the Glyphs application to design them. The outcome was an editorial that shows the typeface.

Self-Initiated project (Explore the Arabic Calligraphy and typography form)

A Self-Initiated Project, which was a way to explore Arabic Calligraphy and typography forms, and see what the letters will lose during translating them into a digital form. I chose one of the Arabic calligraphy styles to work with which is Riq’a style and used the traditional tools (pen, ink), and for the typography, I used digital software, Illustrator, and After Effects. The letters for the final outcome have different curves and are realised as a sculpture made from wood, with an A5 brochure that has information about the history of Arabic calligraphy.

Material type project "كما تدين تدان"

The material type project was to choose a quote that has a message for the audiences within a text via the use of sophisticated and ambitious material construction. My text is an Arabic quote "كما تدين تدان" which means whatever you did in your life it will return or reflect you. Like Karma “you get what you do”. I separated the quote into two parts, the first part is كما تدين which I considered is the things we did to others in our daily life and the second part is تدان which is the reflection that will return to us. The final outcome is a sculpture made from acrylic.
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