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Beth Smith

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I am a graphic designer with a love for creating editorial designs, photography and branding. I enjoy working with analogue techniques, such as hand cut prints and book binding and combining them with clean, digital outcomes to produce playful and lively designs.


Where Do You Feel

A series of guide books that aim to show you places to go and things to see, based on how you feel that day. Whether you are feeling chirpy, idle or a bit grumpy, there are a range of suggestions, covering the outdoors, food and activities.

Upton Jazz Festival

Upton Jazz Festival is an annual music event that takes over the whole town of Upton-upon-Severn, Worcestershire, for the last weekend in June. With events and performances spread across the town in 10 locations it is important to create a clear aesthetic that can show continuity across all venues. The designs take inspiration from the history of jazz, drawing upon the colours and styles from the late 50s and 60s.

London House Plants

London House Plants are an online and market based plant shop, specialising in indoor plants, small and large. They are the UK’s best value online plant store and office supplier. My aim was to create an engaging and modern digital identity that can resonate with a younger audience and be adapted for social media. The animations aim to make buying plants as easy as possible by being guided through decisions, with information on care readily available.
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