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Beverley Ramchelawon

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I'm a graphic designer who enjoys many aspects of the field, especially editorial design and branding which are areas I have explored in recent projects and have developed a strong interest in.

200 Answers

200 Answers is an editorial that documents the opinions and thoughts of people from around the world about phenomena that science can not fully explain. The audience are only able to identify the person through an image of their hands and the location they are from. This editorial gives an insight into ideas and opinions of people from many different countries and backgrounds.


Mocean is a festival that celebrates Sega music which is a genre that originated from Mauritius. The brand identity involves inspiration from the natural scenery and relaxed atmosphere of the island. This 3 day event that includes live music, traditional dance performances and workshops will allow a London audience to come together and enjoy the experience and culture from this new festival.
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