Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Chloe Shields
A graphic designer that specialises in branding, with an additional interest in editorial design, illustration and print. I often keep things clean and simple, and draw inspiration from subjects that I am interested in such as Space, Music and Sports.


A contemporary and clean design that is used across the festival branding for WAVEFEST; a fresh, unique music experience targeting music lovers of all genres. This year’s focus is a combination of rock, indie and alternative; with a line-up of legends as well as up and coming artists, that you won’t want to miss.

Keeping the logo and graphic elements simple allows for colours to be introduced when the new genres are involved, meaning that the identity of this brand will always be recognised. The brand will always stay true to the genre that it is promoting as the graphic elements are influenced by the artists themselves.

SILENCE Conspiracy Theories: 1969 Moon Landing

A subscription package that unravels the truth behind the world’s most famous conspiracies, touching on different ideas on what really happened and how governments and large corporations have been able to deceive the population. This months pack explores the trials and tribulations of one of, if not the most famous space expedition that occurred on the 20th July 1969: the first lunar landing.

From my window I can see...

A self-initiated project in which I challenged myself to better my illustration skills in the form of a children's book cover.