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Clementine Debin

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I am a designer of experiences that bring people together through technology.
I am driven by research and investigation, combined with a strong desire to always enhance my digital visual skills.
I do it because I love being able to learn from others and impact my user in the most meaningful way.


Brief: How might we unlock joy for people at train stations?

Journey inconveniences prevent daily users to feel joyful at train stations.
The idea is to target the user's frustrations through a phone interaction which will bring joy to him and resolve in having better human interactions.
A personal Network Rail chatbot could interact with commuters in exciting ways through pursuit of engagement, optimism and laughter.
'Serote' can also interact with commuters through physical interactions such as screen displays and ticketing messages.

Together We Thrive

Brief: Illustrate HSBC brand promise: 'Together We Thrive' through an animation led airport activation.

User: Travellers on the move navigating the airport.
The kinetic type reacts to the movements, positions and flux of people at the airport, allowing the user to experience HSBC's values: open – dependable – connected.

Cultura Oculos

A one day festival at the National Theatre with the aim of reaching a larger public.

Going to the location, I found out that the entry wasn't visible enough and that the advertising wasn't placed at any strategic point.
A web AR experience outside of the theatre invites passersby to get a glimpse of the inside.
The visual identity of the festival acts as a digital filter, a tool to reveal information on a hidden layer.
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