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Emelie Johansson

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I am a multifaceted visual designer from Sweden. I am extremely passionate about exploring digital and physical materials. I often combine this interest with brand identity and typography.

Vacuum sealed type

This project is a digital exploration of vacuum sealed sculptures. The two videos are typographic investigations created to convey a message about beauty and expectations. "If I wear beige I might die", and "We make and unmake ourselves" are quotes taken from a section in Ladybeard's Beauty magazine where readers send in stories of their approach to aesthetics.


This project is branding and identity for a product launch set in 2035. The new product is a long distance communication device focused around tactility and emotion.

Roy's Art Fair

This project is a rebrand of a local Art Fair that advertises themselves as a trampoline for emerging artists. The event needed a younger and more current aesthetic to reflect the high ambitions of the fair.
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