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Emily Louise Thompson

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Exploring hand and digital methods, Emily’s projects show her enjoyment of modern and traditional ways of working. A strong work ethic, key organisational skills and the ability to work well within a team contributed to her achievement of a Diploma in Professional Studies. Emily has gained experience in industries such as advertising, interior design and hospitality, with a focus on branding.


Two Points is a data visualisation project involving the recording and comparison of data from two locations. Décortate is a historic paint brand formed from the collection of colour data in the Tate Britain’s 1940s and 1760s rooms. Extracting colours from the paintings in these two locations allowed two paint collections to be formed ‘Palette 1760’ and ‘Palette 1940’. Through these two collections the comparison of historical colours from two different eras can be made, showing us how colour has changed in history.

Wandle Walk Wallpaper

An experimental self-initiated project with the aim of producing a relief printed roll of wallpaper as the outcome. The Wandle Walk in Merton is a route used by cyclists to get from A to B. They do not stop to appreciate how many species of tree are around them. I wanted to put their surroundings into focus, creating a momentary pause.

House Plant Festival

Mainstage was a rebranding project of an existing cultural festival. My choice of festival was the Garden Museum's ‘House Plant Festival’, aimed at primarily urban dwelling millennials who are new to horticulture generally but keen on house plants. The purpose of the festival is to educate as well as to entertain. With stalls, workshops, talks, a plant clinic and exhibitions. This modern festival needed a fresh natural re-brand, with an educational message providing the theme of the festival.
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