Graphic Media Design Degree Show 2022 Events

The Peter Cannings Memorial Award

Friday 10 June, 11am-12pm
Lecture Theatre B
Design School-wide
Peter Cannings was a pioneering digital design at the London College of Communication from the mid-1980s until his death in 2012. Given his pioneering contribution to the Design School, the award was set up in his honour. The Peter Cannings Memorial Award recognises final-year undergraduate Design School student work which continues his pioneering legacy of innovation across digital design and digital media.

GSCORE audio-visual performance

Friday 10 June, 5pm
D105 Design School
Audio-visual performance showcasing GSCORE project by Patricia Nunez in collaboration with Visuals_ru

Patricia Nunez, visuals_ru Instagram

GMD Live

Wednesday 08 June 9:30am-12pm, Friday 10 June 3pm-6pm, Saturday 11 June, 2pm-pm
Location: D110
Join our GMD interactive installation space as our graduates showcase diverse ways of interacting with audiences through immersive installations and emerging technologies.
With a range of themes including sound, projection and interactive media art, learn how students explore new forms of communication that challenge the way we perceive, interact with and imagine our world.

GMD Takeover

Thursday 09 June and Friday 10 June 9:30am-12pm, Saturday 11 June, 11am-2pm
Location: Upper Gallery
Join our graduates in a series of pop-up workshops and participatory events as they invite the audience to take part in their projects and engage with their work.

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GMD In Motion

Friday 10 June, 6pm-9pm
Lecture Theatre A
Join our Graphic and Media Design graduating students for a film evening as they showcase their work and positionality through a series of presentations and moving image.
The screening night will feature a selection of films that explore Graphic and Media Design as well as foster thematic dialogues with wider audiences.”

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