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Ewa Dykas

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I am a multidisciplinary designer and creative, I love mixing different media such as graphic design, moving image or photography. My work is driven by image, print, imperfections and experimentation through the use of organic material. Being a highly motivated perfectionist with a passion for branding and editorial has granted me internship opportunities at companies such as Evening Standard and Uncommonly.

I grew up in London – a city I've always found inspiring. However, my background is Polish – Poland being renowned for strong graphics and vivid poster art, which during the Communist era were the only colourful things to be seen on Poland's streets. These two different cultures have vastly influenced my design process.

Exploring Nepal

Exploring Nepal is an editorial which explores areas of Nepal, such as its different locations or common themes, observed during my journey through three major cities; Chitwan, Pokhara and Kathmandu. This content was recorded through photographic means. The 'Exploring Nepal' publication is accompanied by a website equivalent, which enhances the journey from the book with a digital experience. Click on the following link to explore the website:

A thesis on Women, Advertising and Social Media

This publication focuses on women and the way they were represented in adverts within the '60s and the ways in which they are currently displayed on social media platforms such as Instagram. The concept of unachievable body standards comes from the way women are photographed within mainstream media. This is often inspired by high profile celebrities or influencers, which as a result feed the 'Male Gaze'. The design of this thesis aims to remove the 'Male Gaze', through the hidden images within the French folds.


A branding concept for a weekend light festival, based in Hyde Park, to welcome the first day of summer and the summer solstice. The highlight of the festival are the light installations and lantern lighting, accompanied by live music, as well as food and drink stalls. This event will allow artists, designers and viewers to express their creativity through light installations, activities and more traditional light celebrations. The following imagery and films display the promotional branding designed for the festival.
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