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Flora Thomas

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A recent Graphic and Media design graduate, I enjoy to focus my work around aiding environmental and climate issues and investigating how language, tone and approach can alter the reception of pieces. With interests in working with print, photography and film.

Is Rave Really Dead? - Visual Thesis

What lasting visual influence has the late 20th centuries underground rave culture had on design today? A 5000 word thesis conducted by looking through collections of flyers used for promoting the events and the fashion worn during the time, accompanied by accounts of those who were there; it was possible to see a correlation between the art and culture of time and what influence it has had on pop culture today. The thesis is presented in the form of a 7 inch vinyl with a booklet insert.

200 Years - Two Points Final Major Project

For the Two points Final Major Project I conducted an exploration of two spaces within the Tate Britain. The 1730 and 1930 gallery spaces at opposite ends of the gallery house paintings from the time. Using data visualisation and from studying the contents of each space I created two fabric prints designed for screen print. Due to limitations from the Coronavirus stay at home order the prints are displayed as mockups. Through experimentation, colour charting and study of the shapes within each painting I created a visual description of the contents of each room. The pieces reflect differences and similarities in painting styles, colours and trends from each decade. Each piece is designed for a repeat screen print, with shapes mimicking brush strokes and imagery from within works of the time.

Winging It - Final Major Project

A short documentary film produced and created with the intent of heightening discussions and interest on honeybees amongst gen Zs for the Satellite Final Major Project Brief. The short was compiled using only footage found on the platform 'Youtube' due to limitations over the course of the stay at home order during the beginning of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Tomorrow? Self Initiated Zine Series

A self-initiated three-part zine series curated for the global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion. Each zine is designed for different audiences within the movement; XR Youth, A community group within XR (eg. XR Hackney) and the final aimed at Non-XR London Inhabitants. The series was printed in a5 using a risograph printer using three colours for each zine and presented in a set bound by a band holding them together. The content of each zine was carefully chosen for each specific audience. Similar content can be seen throughout the series, but with variations depending on the age group with changing the tone of voice, imagery and presentation. The series was an exploration of how similar content can be changed using design to adhere to different audiences. All imagery was sourced by me at the XR October Rebellion and all text written by me.
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