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Georgia Sargeant

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I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer, with a natural eye and creative mind for all things visual. I enjoy showcasing beauty within the mundane through photography, editorial design and print.

In Memory of Colechurch

A 100 page editorial funeral that pays homage to Colechurch House, a less known brutalist structure that is soon to be demolished. Remembering and celebrating the building and how long it has lasted before it will be replaced by another skyscraper.

Created through experimental typography, photography and playful layouts with a plastic casing inspired by a gravestone.

Hostile Design

A project that focuses on social design through an editorial medium, resulting in a magazine that highlights hostile and defensive architecture within Trafalgar Square, London.

Using photography and mono-printing I highlighted the hostile elements that are often overlooked. Their presence can imply that there is a kind of citizen that belongs, and are used as an obstruction against those who are considered less desirable.

Neighbourhood Disorder

A designed campaign identity and content to raise awareness and visualise the noise disruption for the remaining residents of the Aylesbury Estate.

With a focus on the contrasting audio produced between two points that I observed on the estate; one being part of the neighbourhood with a primary school and the other being a construction site of a demolished section.

The video and identity visualises the bleeding of heavy machinery and construction noise to the homes remaining in the community.
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