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Gilad Kaufman

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I am Gilad Kaufman, a London based multidisciplinary graphic designer and filmmaker, situated somewhere between the worlds of design, film and fashion. My work encompasses animation, short films and photography, which is driven by my fascination with cultural history and the natural world.

IG: kinky_skull

Film – Myth of Power

Myth of Power is a short film I designed, filmed and directed. It explores the concept of power through the symbols and myths of the pomegranate – an important fruit in my culture. The film draws inspiration from Greek mythology and Biblical stories where the pomegranate plays a major part.

Due to the mythological tone of the film, the visual style was influenced by a mix of Ancient Greek and late Renaissance art. The set design is a contemporary/minimalist take on Ancient Greek architecture. Simple geometric shapes and a colour palette of black and white emphasise the detailed pomegranate.

The title design is a custom typeface inspired by blackletter scripts of old religious texts.


An experimental project which evolved out of a study of the pomegranate as part of the research for my film – Myth of Power. The pomegranate is dissected and documented to explore its form and textures. It is a visual research which is concluded with a series of magnified photograms (a darkroom photography technique) enabling a novel insight into the pomegranate's core.

2035: A Pandemic Legacy

A series of prototypes that speculates how compulsory mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic will evolve into a new wearable cultural phenomenon.

Based on fashion evolutions such as torn jeans and backwards cap wearing, this project explores the different ways people adapt and alter the surgical masks to fit their comfort or appearance (such as cut open, under the chin or hanging from one ear). This might lead to a new kind of aesthetics and meaning in a post-pandemic future.

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