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Hannah Balogun

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My name is Hannah Balogun and I'm a Graphic Designer on paper but an Illustrator at heart! I give my creativity a purpose by using my knowledge of Design and my love of Illustration to digitally draw and bring innovation to life.

I love learning new skills and ways to illustrate, I draw brightly coloured portraits and share them on Instagram in my spare time, however, I’m also a freelancer and have worked on various types of projects that include Digital Illustrations, Murals and Children’s Books. I have had the pleasure to work with brands like Samsung UK, Apple Europe, Skinnydip and #Merky Books and look forward to my future as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

The Pink Café

‘All Things Pink’ is a magazine I created to celebrate the colour pink in all its glory. Pink is joyful, creative, feminine and vibrant, pink is versatile and this magazine embraces it all! This volume, The Pink Café, is inspired by the café brand EL&N who really know what it means to adore and appreciate the colour pink, all the way from their dreamy pink décor, down to their signature pink latte.

I wanted to use this project to highlight my illustration skills so the magazine features illustrations of the 8 EL&N Café buildings, their signature coffee cups, patterns and more. I’ve drawn the illustrations in a sketchy hand-drawn style to help enrich the brand’s identity and make them feel more personal alongside the photographs and content within the magazine.

Sensory Print

Sensory Print is an experience which aims to explore letterpress beyond the final print by looking at the senses that are stimulated during the process. The exhibition will consist of three rooms, the first one centred around touch, the second on hearing, and the third will be sight. These three rooms will take the viewer on a progressive journey as they interact with each sense and become more aware of the letterpress process through the experience.

I wanted to use this project to explore my love for Letterpress one last time before I graduated, and even though I couldn’t interact with the process physically, I was able to discover what letterpress truly means to me and why I have such great respect for the process. The mock-ups I created are a way of showing others Letterpress from my perspective.
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