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Jade Sanders

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Jade is a London based designer with keen interests in traditional print processes such as bookmaking and book arts alongside digital design. Using the London environment around her as inspiration, her aim is to create simple yet focused designs. With a keen eye for detail she appreciates editorial design and branding processes, believing simple is effective. She revels in the challenge of making sense of complicated data in a simple way for everyone to enjoy and understand.

IG: @design.jade

TV Rewind

A project based on branding and identity, the festival focuses on TV programmes from my childhood and a theme of nostalgia. Similar to an outdoor cinema, the festival features 5 different children's channels that were watched when I was younger. Logos from the shows are used to create unique and limited editions of merchandise. The overall theme is neutral to give the festival more depth and cater to whichever year the organisers go with.

Last Seen

A published editorial project based on the COVID-19 pandemic. Having worked in a supermarket during the pandemic, I saw first hand the effects of panic buying. Using this knowledge, I created an editorial around products/items that were in very high demand within a supermarket capacity. The publication goes through week by week, from the weeks leading up to the lockdown to the easing of lockdown in the UK.

Female Conceptual Artists: A Thesis

A thesis written about Female Conceptual artists throughout history and how they contributed to the conceptual art movement during the 1960s through to the 1980s. The thesis is heavily influenced by female artists I find inspiring and their take on world societies and breaking down walls during that time. Using my bookbinding skills I wanted to showcase the thesis in a sewn bound book and make it as ironic as I could, from the colour of the pages to the font chosen, everything is based on a particular stereotype that's aimed towards women.
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