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James Horigan

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I'm an illustrator who has just finished studying at LCC. My final two projects were on nature based topics, which is a theme that I am passionate about. If it's to do with anything natural, you can rest assured that it will interest me! My main passion is within the world of concept design, drawing things that can't always quite be put into words, and it's something that I excel at!

Judging Books by Their Titles (Two Points)

This is an illustrative reimagining / digital perspective of what I saw when I went to the Nature and Science section at LCC's library. I took a video of three rows of books and judged them according to each of their titles and then gave my own opinion on what I thought the book would be about with no prior knowledge. Thus comes the title of the outcome, Judging Books by Their Titles. The following images are extracts from the illustrative Ebook that I created and all illustrations are shown in the chronological order that I found them in the library on the last day of uni before we went into lockdown.


Equibreedia (Self Initiated Project)

The following book was a SIP project based on a topic that I love. Horses, they are such incredible creatures with a rich and incredible history that tends to get overlooked a lot. This book aims to inspire people to get into the fine art of horse riding and horse care in general – informing them and keeping them interested with the visual aid of illustration. This is a 100 page publication about various breeds of horses from around the globe, a "compendium" if you will.
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