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Jin Choi

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I am Jin Choi, a Graphic Designer from London College of Communication.
My experience of studying in London has allowed me to develop graphic design in depth from more diverse perspectives.
I am interested in branding, editorial and working with both print and digital.

Industry Practice: Logo of Bibigo

Bibigo is one of Korea's leading K-food companies with years of expertise in Korean food. It has a 5,000-year history of delicious Korean food and updates to fit today's modern lifestyle.

I think the biggest problem with the original logo is that the most important branding has not been able to communicate with the local community. While redesigning the logo that I thought was the most problematic, I tried to utilize the company's main visual keywords, Nature, Culture, and Globalization and made a logo that is easy to understand at a glance – the distinctive and unusual patterns of Korean visuals using the Korean national flag, Taegeukgi.

MainStage: London Jazz Festival

The London Jazz Festival is an annual event that presents London's jazz music to audiences internationally. The festival presents a vibrant and diverse range of music that not only satisfies the British public's enthusiasm for jazz but also informs the world about jazz culture. I decided to create LFJ's brand identity because of the lack of self-branding of the London Jazz Festival in its old history, and the low connection between the brand's visual identity and value.
For the visual identity of the LFJ, patterns were made using instruments that are essential to jazz. I think music and jazz allows people to connect and communicate across the border even if the language is not available and communication is difficult. It makes jazz festivals for people who have connected to jazz to play a significant role and uses the expandability of the word jazz as a pattern to show the visual atmosphere.
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