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Joanna Marczak

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I am a graphic designer, originally from Poland, who is interested in experimenting with type, editorial design, branding and coding. My design seeks to reinvent the connection between structure and perception, examining how the relationship is affected through the use of different design treatments.


The Solno project looks at a closed down salt mine in my hometown of Inowroclaw, in Poland and examines the relationship people have with archive and records from the past. It explores how an understanding of history is formed through limited resources available. How do we form a true understanding of the past without having ever visited, only relying on documented records instead? This A3 publication is a mixture of low-quality images from the 1980s and transfers of those images. The transfers were produced using acetate, designed to represent an unclear understanding of a particular time or place.


Brand identity for a proposed chess festival called “Grandmasters”, an annual chess festival in London that would include tournaments, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, market stalls and various film screenings on and around the subject of chess. The purpose would be to inspire people to learn and develop an interest in chess. Bespoke key letters were developed to give the Grandmasters festival a unique look and feel. The letters were crafted to capture the beauty of chess pieces.

Notes on Critical and Speculative Graphic Design

A publication of my written BA thesis, which explores the term ‘critical and speculative design’ and its relationship with graphic design. The dissertation examines critical and speculative practice as an alternative method when compared to the predominant commercial approach to graphic design in industry.
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