Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Juhi Doshi

Juhi Doshi is Indian graphic designer, born in Mumbai, raised in Hong Kong and continued her studies in London. She has a great interest in design, photography and videography. A lot of the work that she produces is to do with well-being, spirituality and for a deeper purpose in the nature of life. She enjoys projects that touch the heart and are designed to make one feel closer to who they are. The want to create design that brings self-inquiry and positive social change is deep in her designs.


This project is based on a Jain (religion) poem, Amulya Tattvavichara. The poem conveys the message of realising the true Self, the eternal soul. It further mentions to not let this life go to waste, and to use it wisely.

This project uses illustrations and content to make it more easily accessible to a mass crowd. The idea was to show the poem in a visual manner through the use of shapes and colour.