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Kaja Lampret

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Living and working in London, my practice ranges from editorial design, film making, photography and illustration to 3D graphics. Whatever the media may be, my biggest joy and drive is to seek knowledge rooted in people's experiences and differences. The role and aim of my design work is to not only better myself, but also teach and broaden the minds of ones that get to experience my work.



Chroma is a project birthed from my interest in fashion, more specifically our individual style, how we choose to present our individualism to the outside world. To continue that narrative, I wanted to see what the correlation between ones gender and/or sexuality and style is. Is there one? Or does the mainstream media and Western culture dictate what is acceptable for a gay man or lesbian woman to wear?
The magazine talks to and visualises four young people living in London, pre and mid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

SoS – PoP

A two part project, derived from Georges Perec's 'Species of Spaces and Other Places', where he analyses the places that surround us and ones which we inhabit. This project, I believe, shaped a lot of my current visual aesthetics but also my ardor for editorial design as well as documenting and interacting with people. The final piece is presented in a form of three separate publications that were scanned and collaged for the purpose of this page.
Pieces of Places, presented in the first three images, explores East Street market in South East London where I spent my days for a month, documenting, recording and interacting with the local vendors.
Species of Spaces, the last two images, take a chapter from Perec's book and, as a piece of fabric, transform it into a designed and thought out piece.

Green Matter

Green matter was formed during the COVID-19 lockdown and it reflects the 'positive impact' that the pandemic had on our enviroment. Wanting to highlight the positive in the negative, I realized that the positive impact was extremely short-lived. It is important to know that the pandemic did not bring positive changes to the Western world, yet the pause in capitalism did.
The final outcome is an interactive artwork accompanied by a website, that would be placed on bus stops in London's boroughs that are most impacted by climate change and fossil fuels. It aims to educate people about what climate emergency is and how to pressure our government to implement vital changes to prevent irreversible change on our Planet.
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