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Keeva Garvey

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I'm an artist/designer based in London. I came to LCC to learn the principles and tools of graphic design, and most importantly design thinking; to know what it means to make 'good design' – which in my eyes provides practical methods to innovate and encourage sociopolitical change whilst also being fun and uplifting. I enjoy working with typography, illustration, animation and digital textures to create thought-provoking yet playful pieces.


Where is there a safe, impermeable place to campaign for peace and against injustice? By using the DWAF system; it's all around you. DWAF is an encoded typeface I created that can be used to organize protest whilst effectively flying under the radar. It is hidden in plain sight; amongst graffiti, scrawled on bus stops or sketched on the back of a receipt.


This project is a design fiction, emphasizing the negative consequences of allowing mass surveillance technologies to invade our private lives, and the need for proper regulation and diversity in its development. I created a range of dystopic Government propaganda to drive this message home.

How are you? App

Through researching user-centered social design, I sketched out a proposal for an app for young people, which would serve as an all-in-one resource to educate about and manage their mental health.
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