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Kyne Jalichandra

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I have always been intrigued by the unconventional style of graphic design. I aim to utilize my wide range of skills in using Adobe products in order to create a variety of outcomes that explore the unusual style of graphic design. This ranges from rejecting the usage of information hierarchy, consistent layouts, and grid formats. I am able to utilize my skills to create editorial design, typography, moving image, illustration, and UI design.

Clown World

“Clown World” is a phrase used to describe the current state of affairs in regards to the world (usually socially or politically). The word is employed to state that something is ridiculous or nonsensical, in a way, “only could this be real, in a world run by clowns (clown world)”.

The goal was to create a magazine/book with real world circumstances that are so insane, illogical and utterly unbelievable that any sane person must come to the conclusion that the magazine/book (using contents from real world articles) has come from a reality in which there is a funhouse world run by clowns.

Basement Gatherings

The music festival that I created is inspired by the DIY punk ethics of Fugazi. The goal was to be able to remove barriers that most music festivals create with their 50$ price tags. It will be a gathering of passionate music fans rather than your traditional music festival.

I created a website that would allow users to find underground/DIY shows. I had come to this conclusion because it is hard to get information about underground shows as they are very much a word of mouth thing. Thus by creating a website it would solve this problem and allow more people to attend these types of shows.

Full website can be viewed at:

Look at the Data!

The contents of the project are based on Sam Hyde’s 2070 Paradigm Shift. Hyde examined the current world state of affairs such as culture, economy, politics and technology in order to make exaggerated predictions for 2070 and its state of affairs.

The publication expands his predictions into full-fledged articles as these predictions are just short quotes. These articles are written in the style of The Onion and its satirical take on real world news.
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