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Laura Maria

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I am a Latinx designer that believes that my role is to improve people’s lives. An observer of change with creative solutions. Through publication design, illustration and print, with making a positive impact in the world as a core message.



A bilingual (Spanish/English) magazine about Climate Change in Latin America.

This first issue focusses on Colombia. The government has not recognized the climate crisis and being a climate activist is extremely dangerous.

Moreover, 170 social and environmental leaders have been murdered in 2019 and it also happens to be the second most biodiverse country in the world. Colombia’s ecosystems are being violated by multinational extractivist and food industries. Many of us in the Global North are extremely lucky as we are able to protest with no fear.

This publication is opening up this conversation to not only Latin Americans but also to the people who are interested in climate justice and want to learn how we can help those that are unable to act against their own government. With articles confronting various problems that they are facing. Every article looks at the Climate and Ecological crisis in Latin America from different angles, for example, human rights, conflict and extractives.

Created completely digitally from Risograph and dry ink smart filters created so that the magazine looks printed (upholding the magazine's aesthetics) to hand-drawn Mayan alphabet inspired icons for each chapter.


Series of protest posters using the metaphor of a shop, illustrating objectives from COP25 – an annual conference on climate change. Double-sided A3 poster printed on Risograph.

Objective N.1 – Critical to ensure developed countries end their contribution to climate change and commit to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Objective N.2 – Keep climate change high on the political agenda and provide the short and long term policy coherence required to stimulate investments in a low carbon economy.

Objective N.3 - Work towards energy access for all and promote and support energy efficiency through education, incentives and forward-looking policy frameworks.

Objective N.4 - Inclusive and sustainable low-carbon future.
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