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Lesley Kurth

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Over the past three years of studying Graphic and Media Design I have gained an understanding of socially engaging design whereas unit and self-initiated briefs have advanced my editorial skills. Most of my recent works are image-based using my own photographs. I am passionate about physical engagement and implementing this both socially and culturally. Going forward with a postgraduate degree in Narrative Environments I am seeking to specialise in communication and socially engaging design.

Ich bin nicht dein Papa - I am not your dad

This project is focusing on using appropriate materials for a chosen quote. I chose to quote my dad telling me "Ich bin nicht dein Papa" translating from German to English as 'I am not your dad'. I felt this quote to be cold, heavy, big, strong and unexpected. After researching into abandonment I have decided to use concrete and metal to respond to my emotions. As this quote was rather unexpected I have planned to hang up the letters with rusty metal chains. The word "nicht" is wrapped in pink wool to underline the irony within his quote.

7 Minutes of Lockdown

This project, originally called Two Points is comparing two locations (location 1 the armchair and location 2 the bench), the inside and the outside during my time in lockdown. I have recorded both locations for seven minutes every day comparing the actions and activities of people inside and outside the house. To respond to the claustrophobic feeling many have experienced during that period of time I have created a cube around the armchair. The cube is a metaphor for the house of four walls everyone was stuck in during this pandemic.
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