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Lucja Zofia Wroblewska

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London based multidisciplinary designer with an interest in digital and print processes, driven to amplify the power of visual communication through diverse and innovative methods. By merging her interests in branding, design theory, editorial design and music, Lucja intends to enhance one's ocular experience with a responsive and imaginative approach.

IG: lucja.zofia

Polski Sklep Editorial

Inspired by the Polish Shops of London, the Polski Sklep editorial piece explores the Polish food products that fill the kitchen cupboards of many Poles in their homeland and abroad. I wanted to pay homage to the notable journey of Polish food culture by entwining contemporary minimalism with a 1990’s catalogue aesthetic to present the notable food products that I, like many other Poles abroad, ate while growing up. I chose to develop a minimal, almost stripped down and isolated style to the editorial piece as an attempt to de-saturate the excessively vibrant visual culture of many Polish shops. By setting up a hypothetical Polski Sklep interior through an editorial piece, I wanted to invite the audience either familiar, or not, to a Polish shop of any sort by including images of shop fronts, aisles and products that I documented in North West London.

Nightmarket Immersive Music Festival

Inspired by electronic ambient music and the digital art world, the branding of Nightmarket Immersive Music Festival encapsulates all things melancholic, modern and euphoric in it’s identity. It goes beyond the underground electronic rave scene or mainstream music festivals that we are bombarded with every summer, and incorporates my interest in shared, inclusive, collective immersive design. See more:

Is the Eye a Powerful Creator of Ambience in an Interior Space?

My designed thesis piece takes form as a transparent acrylic cube; a reflection of the ambivalent and unseen nature of ambience. The artefact itself is a visible object which is a reflection of a miniature space that holds some type of interior matter and can be moved around as pleased, relating to the subjectivity in sensoriality. The cube is open to judgement, as if you are filling it with your own thoughts and feelings about a space you had been in prior to viewing my object. In this way, it is a reflection of editable, changeable aspects of an atmosphere.
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