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Margarida Ferraz Dias

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Margarida is a graphic designer from Lisbon, recently graduated from London College of Communication. She is highly motivated and a perfectionist with a passion for branding, editorial and social design.

In 2019, she took a Diploma in Professional Studies year and interned at Vanity Fair, Koto, Gilles & Cecile Studio and Uncommonly Creative where she mostly did branding and editorial design and found her hidden passion for mural painting. When she is not designing she is spending her time with her family at the beach or mostly reading.


LX Links

LX Links was a project focused on the creation of a networking festival based in Lisbon, Portugal with the intent of linking recent graduates and companies that are looking to hire, aiming to increase the employability rates of the creative sector in Portugal.

This collaborative project involved the creation of a visual identity for the festival alongside applications of the branding. Each one of the applications was crafted, aiming to reach any individual from the creative sector or interested in it.

Hold Tight

Hold Tight was a redesigned book cover for the book by the artist Jeffrey Campbell. The approach focused on recreating the clear representation of the title ‘Hold Tight’ in relation with Grime.

The collaborative project involved a clear overview of grime alongside an individual research document focused on design approaches, failures and decisions.

See Me

See Me was a project aimed to focus on an area of my personal interest. This project focused on mural painting and how outdoor interventions can help solve problems.

This design approach targeted a problem in the West Kensington tube area, aiming to increase the user experience of tube users. As a university project, this resulted in a miniature version of my mural painting combining an optical illusion effect with a direct message to the users.
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