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Marta Urbez

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Iā€™m Marta, a Spanish graphic designer based in London. My personal practice is research led, and for the past year I have focused on the areas of alternative practices in design education and future natures. I mostly work on editorial and typography based projects.

šŸ”— IG ā€” @martaurbez


This project is a collaboration with Monika Adamczyk. In partnership, we are working on projects that research and design for a possible future when our access to the outdoors will be constrained by social distancing laws, loss of biodiversity and other causes. Flatland is a digital meadow that presents a future in which human-designed natures live in symbiosis with wild natural environments. We designed and produced a custom typeface, a set of AR filters, a short film, and a website and instagram account.
To find more about the project visit or our instagram

Karst Regular

I am currently working on a typeface inspired by the process of erosion in the sedimentary rocks of the south coast of England. The concept for this typeface is that different styles will show different stages of erosion, as shown here: Karst Regular as the Master style from which others will be carved out, next to a possible carved out lowercase a. It will be released in 2020, under the name Karst Regular.

Design School Fictions

DSF is a publication collecting transcripts from a series of workshops and group discussions I carried out while researching the topic of Independent Design Education. These sessions asked the participants to imagine and debate a new Design School. This project was done in the lead up to my graduate thesis "Out There", which posed a comparative analysis of mainstream design education in the UK with alternative methods of design education, in order to identify the shortcomings and benefits of both and explore new possible ways of approaching design learning.
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