Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Maxwel Da Silva
I am Maxwel Da Silva, a Brazilian graphic designer based in London.

During the last two years my views on graphic design practice have changed and expanded. My work does not rely exclusively on computers or technology. I have explored unconventional materials and alternative design processes to create unique outcomes. After a trip to Senegal in Africa, I realised the importance of improvisation, simplicity and material exploration for the process of creativity.

Playfulness has been an important factor during my four years on this course. This has become the centre of my work.

Play - A cabinet of curiosities

‘Play, we said, lies outside the reasonableness of practical life; has nothing to do with necessity or utility, duty or truth’ (Johan Huizinga). Inspired by sacred objects of play, this is an exploration of typography, improvisation and anti-perfectionism.

Colour concept

Inspired by the work of Johannes Itten. The object invites people to experiment with colours, shapes and proportions to create new compositions. The project develops Itten’s use of primary and secondary colours to include neon colours.