Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Michael Olarewaju
A multi-disciplined designer and creator, specialising in 3D design and branding. Bridging the gap between the digital and physical world, whilst aware of the need for environmentally conscious design. Advocate of design for change and lover of all things beautiful. External from university, self-initiated projects range from landscaping, furniture and interior design to information design and branding. My mind is my greatest tool, followed closely by my hands.


By Mike

By Mike was a self-initiated project driven heavily by affordability, sustainability and upcycled furniture design. The objective was to create a brand which would be socially conscious and challenge the need for the new, whilst finding beauty in the third function of materials deemed to be waste. The Zoe Ottoman was created using upcycled yoga mats and old cabinets. The Exodus Coffee Table is handmade from upcycled metal and wood, sourced locally. The table is representative of my transition and journey across the last three years of Graphic and Media Design here at LCC. It is also testament of the skills I’ve acquired and my intended career direction.


SE27 is a project where I sought to enhance the meaning of a postcode through physical means. Influenced by the opinions of the local residents and commuters, this piece was created to tell a story through the four parts of the postcode. The ‘S’ represents the people, their diversity and cultural freedom. The ‘E’ speaks of the constant construction and the ever changing face of SE27. The ‘2’ gives a glimpse into the history of SE27 as it was once woodland, formerly known as Northwood. The ‘7’ represents the youth, the plants playing the role of a life form (youth) and the ‘7’ a cage or environment (SE27) which is to be grown through and out of.