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Miguel Desport

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I am a multidisciplinary creative based in London, specialising in design and communication.

My work spans from branding to interactive design, iOS Games and augmented reality experiences. I love working on projects that have a positive impact on people’s life and the environment.
Last year I was accepted on a one-year residency at the Creative Lab in London, where a team of five creatives from different backgrounds spend the year making things that connect people and technology. Before that, I was at Pentagram in London and Fantasy Interactive in New York.

Instagram— @designbymiguel

Design with your Mind

What if you could make things just by thinking? Using a Muse™ Brain Sensor I’ve created this prototype that allows users to control simple geometric shapes with their brain activity. By relaxing or getting distracted, the geometric shapes can scale, get distorted or blurry.

Remember When

Remember When inspires people to think about everyday actions that can make a real difference. It sells second-hand t-shirts with provocative sentences about sustainability. The goal is to inspire change and encourage others to join the circular economy.

In collaboration w/ Rita Desport.

2.8 Planets

A Vinyl Record Cover of "Money", by Pink Floyd, that exposes the issue of consumerism – particularly the fact that if everybody lived like the average European, we would need 2.8 planets.

In collaboration w/ Rita Desport.
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