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Miriana Greco

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Hi, I'm Miriana Greco.
An Italian graphic and media designer based in London. My work focuses on motion graphics, experimental photography and post-production.

IG: @miriana_greco

Dream Visualization

Recent neurological studies have shown how different brain scanning techniques are able to reassemble the image inside one's brain. So, I've asked myself: What would the role of a designer be in a future where dreams can be visualized?

In this hypothetical future, the designer would still be an artist that helps people in the comprehension of data by beautifying it.

I've created three abstract artworks out of three different dreams descriptions. The elements, the colours and the textures used in each artwork are a manifestation of feelings and events that occurred in each dream.

1984 – Motion Type

Inspired by George Orwell's book, 1984.
I created this motion type animation inspired by the dystopian totalitarian society described in the book. The brutalist-like buildings carry the title of the novel. As soon as the blocks – which represent the people – fall out of place, the policing system in 1984 gets rid of them.

This is part of a larger project about 3D animated book covers and their implementation within the audiobooks world.
More to come soon on my website.

So You Are Stuck Indoors?

I created this project while quarantining in London, UK.
It is a visual guide on how to be photographically creative during a lockdown, without having to leave one’s home. The final outcome has 5 different sections: Facetime, Routine, Hobbies, Mates and Room.

All pictures have been shot, developed and scanned by me, as I learned how to create a darkroom in my own house during the COVID-19 lockdown.
The full project can be seen at:

On Aesthetic War Photojournalism

Should conflict photojournalism be concerned by the beauty of images?

My bachelor dissertation highlighted how the beautification of violence and the aestheticism of conflict photography leads to apathy from society.
Its production was inspired by Broomberg and Chanarin's work ‘The Day Nobody Died’ on the increasingly blurred line between art and photojournalism.

I've printed the pages on translucent tracing paper, inverting the colours to negatives. Those were my negatives. Then, in a photographic darkroom, I exposed photosensitive sheets to the tracing paper in order to create the final photograph/page.
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