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Mohammed Samad

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Graphic designer based in London. Obsessive book collector but aspiring minimalist.


RGB is a ‘neo-psychedelia’ live-streaming music festival. The genre is inspired by the psychedelic movement of the 60s, however this can be seen as a modern update. The identity uses graphic elements associated with the 60s psychedelic movement such as gradients, vibrant colours and Art Nouveau-inspired faces, however each element can be seen as a modern update: i.e. RGB colours instead of CMYK.

Slow Window

Slow Window is an editorial which was made as a response to being in lock-down. It explores the idea of observing society through windows, both in the digital and physical sense. The process in creating the publication sits in-between two words: flâneur and voyeurism which acted as guidelines when conceptually creating this book.

Thanks to Edo Buttinelli for contributing to this publication and Africa Pombo for helping with the mock-up.

Banal Nationalism & Typography

Design for thesis 'How does typography demonstrate Michael Billig’s concept of Banal Nationalism?'

Araceli Irurzun Pérez

Araceli Irurzun Pérez is a recent graduate from Kings College London. I designed Pérez‘s dissertation for her which explored the question ‘is there a shared meaning to the concept of solidarity within Europe?’ The dissertation explored the historical and modern usage of the word solidarity and found that the word differs in meaning depending on the nation. In designing the editorial I wanted to represent this loose definition of solidarity through hyphenations.
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