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Monika Adamczyk

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Monika is your Polish friend for futuristic visualization and 3D motion. Currently, in her research-based practice, she focuses on nature futures, the phenomenology of touch, and multi-sensorial design. Her work encompasses 3D motion graphics and audio-reactive visuals design.


Collaborative project with Marta Úrbez. Flatland is a digital environment that invites visitors to re-think the ways in which they have interacted with nature up until their visit and imagine how that could change. Could a virtual experience evoke the same feeling that spending time in the outdoors brings?

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Animation : Monika Adamczyk
Graphic Design & Filter Production : Marta Úrbez
Sound Design: Tom Wilson Kellet

Technobiotic Flow

Technobiotic Flow is an audio-reactive video of the natural journey of water, build entirely in real-time software. Every scene can be used for live performance and co-work with a MIDI controller. The work was inspired by the concept of biophilia and research on technological representations of nature. Can the experience of technological nature help us reconnect with actual nature, help us notice its beauty again, and enhance the protective behaviors towards it?

Sound by Tom Wilson Kellet

Tactile Screen

Tactile Screen is a short video assisting my bachelor dissertation on how tactility can be experienced through the screen: the use of non-contact methods and haptic feedback devices for producing tactile sensations available to read here. The designed element of the dissertation aims to prove that touch can be experienced visually through the use of non-contact methods I wrote about in the thesis.
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