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Nathalie Ryan

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A designer for perpetual pixels and a propagator of critical thinking, specialising in illustration and motion design. I am inquisitive about how concepts and stories can be told through moving image and how this can vary through individual interpretation. As my background is both Thai and British, I often draw influences and references from both eastern and western culture. Through my work I enjoy exploring different design concepts and ideologies, allowing the creative process to inform my work and expand my own views.

#StayGrounded Road Safety Campaign

This campaign aims to resolve the safety issue regarding music as a distraction for pedestrians by addressing the three main reasons why people enjoy listening to music, through exaggerated and humorous animations. The campaign shows how having your head in the clouds can be detrimental to your safety and that pedestrians should instead resist the urge to be distracted and 'stay grounded'.

This brief was an initiative by Hard Edge agency and #StayGrounded was one of the top 4 campaigns selected.

Beyond Your Filter Bubble

A satirical website exploring our online reality of living filter bubbles and whether it is worth the price of willingly giving away our information to allow ourselves to be targeted and manipulated for consumerist gain.

The main influence on my outcome is the aesthetic of the 'vaporwave' movement, as it is described as a tongue-in-cheek critique of capitalism and consumerism. This project presents to the viewer how filter bubbles are created at the cost of having our data sold and become a commodity to the algorithm, which in turn uses our information to better target and manipulate us. By figuring out our persuasion profiles through our data, we become more susceptible and influenceable by information targeted to us.

Link to website:

Bear in Mind

An animation accompanying an excerpt from Mike Berners-Lee discussing what people can do to make a difference in regards to climate change. The animation is aimed to clarify, energise and illuminate the content of the excerpt, while informing and engaging the viewer.

What Do You Meme?

A thesis exploring the role of memes in the contexts of graphic design, advertising and politics.

From casual users to avid netizens, there are no boundaries to who is exposed to memes. This thesis identifies how memes have begun to permeate themselves into the discourse beyond their initial entertaining purposes online and how they have become increasingly valued commercial and political communication tools. It looks in depth beyond memes; past the superficial noise they possess online and the implications they can have.
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