Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Nathan Tang
Born in the UK with a Chinese heritage, Nathan Tang is a graphic designer who explores areas which may be overlooked. A graduate from Royal Holloway University of London with a BSc in Psychology and soon to be a graduate from London College of Communication, Tang explores functional design through physical and digital mediums, whether this be prototyping through paper or graphic illustrations which is achieved by an appreciation of how different fields can relate to each other.

Magical Lantern Festival

The Magical Lantern Festival is held annually in the UK but lacked a real visual identity. In correspondence with Chinese New Year, I developed a visual theme around the movement of light and Moiré effects to create a motion poster which can be interacted with through the augmented reality app "Artivive".

Transformable Materials: Paper Architecture

Paper is an easily accessible material which is often overlooked; having carried out a project which investigates paper folding principle I have acquired a further appreciation of how this can be applied to wider fields. Most importantly, paper folding is not simply origami. This project is a continuation of my paper folding project in which I investigate the relationship between transformable structures which can manipulate light in architecture, using paper of course, but also how light manipulates the structure itself.

Using 160 GSM paper and Muira-Ori folding principles, I created a structure that can demonstrates how architecture can be physically manipulated in order to disrupt the flow of light. This was documented through photography and thus a small book was created to showcase this.