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Olly Corps

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My design practice often finds itself at the intersection of graphic design & moving image. My projects are led by inquisitiveness and a desire to create visual concepts that look past the obvious.

In addition to my degree course, I also completed LCC's DPS program (a sandwich year of working in the the design industry). Over this year I was lucky enough to work at design studios in London & Stockholm.

Poetry of the Ordinary

How can the National Theatre and Hayward Gallery engage the public in the age of social distancing? Poetry of the Ordinary is a speculative site specific event that celebrates the special link between the rooftops of these cultural venues. The event encourages the public to follow an elevated urban trail between these two points. Throughout the trail screens display photographic animations that take an abstracted side-view of these Brutalist structures.


French Poet Stéphane Mallarmé’s 'Un Coup De Des Jamais N’abolira Le Hasard' challenged how a printed poem is read. Its experimental use of typography embraced irrationality to help communicate the poem's theme of chance. Working with translated excerpts, I sought to reinterpret the poem's spirit in a kinetic digital environment. A experimental font was developed that channelled Mallarmé’s irrationally, to create a idiosyncratic relationship between the letters and the spaces they occupy. They are animated in a virtual world of 'chance'. As with Mallarmé’s original typographic decisions, the visual systems behind my piece also question to what extent 'chance' can exist, both in design and the world.

Filter the Noise

How can music be used to aid mental health in study whilst facilitating conversations and progressing attitudes surrounding this issue? Filter The Noise campaign (FT_N) is a proposed collaboration between students of the University of the Arts London (UAL). It strives to build bridges between UAL students and the University’s mental health teams through events, whilst also providing a positive online space to listen to weekly Lo-fi playlists. The platform seeks to filter out the noise and distractions of other music platforms.
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