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Philip Hogg

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Hey, I'm Pip, a London based graphic designer. I'm passionate about typography, branding and editorial design. My work is often built upon a systematic approach, with a deep level of research sitting at the foundation of that.

Cross The Tracks

This project was built upon a rebrand of Cross The Tracks, a London based Soul, Jazz and Funk Festival. At the core of the visual identity is a modified monospace version of Akzidenz Grotesk Extended, designed to be semi-variable allowing it to 'stretch' without affecting the line width and proportions. In contrast to the bold type and grid-based layout, ribbon like forms flow between the letters, acting as a metaphor for the relationship between the beat and rhythm of music.


2035 is a narrative fiction game, in which the user plays through a variety of scenarios leading up to a water crisis in the year 2035. The concept is built upon a wide range of research and the prediction that a global water crisis is an inevitability. It is humanity's actions leading up to the crisis that will make the difference on its impact. As such, the user's decisions made throughout the game will change the outcome of the story. The visual design follows a similar adaptable approach, with colours and type changing depending on the path the user takes.

Signs of Peckham

Signs of Peckham is an archive of the signs that form Peckham high street's rich cultural and visual makeup. Created in response to the rapid changes seen to the high street as a result of gentrification and rising rent prices. The book features every sign within a set area, and a map charting their locations on the high street. The image placement is built upon a system in which the location of a sign on the map's Y-axis dictates their images vertical placement on the page.
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