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Reiss Tolga

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I am Reiss Tolga, an artist/designer based in London. Through my years studying at UAL I have grown both my design skills and knowledge; allowing me to apply myself to many different projects and mediums. My specialist fields in design would be: illustration, editorial design, photography, and typography.

Atlas Abnormal

For this editorial project I wanted to explore London’s many examples of folklore and urban legends. In trying to work out an interesting way for the reader to engage with the information, I decided to style my publication as a tourist guidebook. I was inspired by the many tours/attractions around London which focus on the supernatural and macabre; such as ‘The Ghost Bus Tours’ and ‘The London Dungeons’. These attractions and tours, though horror focused, don’t take themselves too seriously and have an underlying tone of fun and humour. To achieve this tone in my book I used illustrations and collage to make it appear as though these legends can be spotted on your tour; additionally I wrote extracts which blend the facts with modern day reality, enabling it to feel more real. For each location the reader has been given transport information and activities to do in the local area, adding an extra level of detail and increasing the immersion.

Sleep Paralysis

For one of my projects in final year I created a zine that documented my experience with sleep paralysis. The document was designed to cause the same feelings of confusion and fear that one would experience during an episode of sleep paralysis. The publication played around with typographic layouts and illustration.

Signa/ Fai/ure

For this Project we were tasked to create the branding and identity for a festival of our choice. For my festival I created 'Signa/ Fai/ure', an electronic and techno music festival. However what makes this one stand out is the choice of locations: disused London tube stations. To achieve the correct tone and visual aesthetic I did much research into pre-existing venues and events that cater to my demographic/target audience.
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