Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Rita Buiça
As an aspiring graphic designer about to become an MA student, my body of work focuses essentially on exploring possible scenarios where the final pieces presented to the audience raise more questions rather than answering them, creating new spaces of idea exchanging. I aim to defy the status quo and question at all times what is graphic design, therefore I work across a range of different areas.
I believe that for a better world we need to start asking better questions and therefore most of my ideas are all about concept-driven endless questioning.

Material Type: Never Ending Story

Material Type it’s a project about the way we can use typography to convey meaning.
By focusing on the words “never ending story”, a 360º book was created, to evoke ideas of depth and circularity that illustrate the meaning of the chosen words.
The book was meant for people to interact with it and play with it so, the 360º quality of the book creates circular movements, that resemble the idea of something that never ends.
Through the use of sections with the letters of the chosen words inside the book, there is a fixation on a feeling of repetition.

Self-Initiated Project: Hurricanes

Hurricanes is a self-initiated project regarding the way we visualize hurricane data. By focusing on transmitting data in different engaging ways, a series of physical objects that represent category 5 hurricanes from 2005 to 2017 were developed.
In each of the pieces one acrylic plate represents one day of the hurricane and each piece shows the evolution of each hurricane day by day using the colours of the saffir-simpson scale.
One of the goals of this project is to show that data can be displayed in different ways that are not necessarily digital and that still create an experience for the audience.