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Rita Desport

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I am a multidisciplinary designer and creative, currently based in London. My work is often influenced by an eagerness to find solutions and challenge different methodologies. As a recent graduate from London College of Communication, I have worked at Pentagram, SPIN, Unit Editions, Farfetch, UAL and collaborated on various freelance projects. This experience has contributed to my interest in collaboration, proficiency in addressing complex subjects and familiarity with the creative industry.

A/Z of Emotions

A/Z of Emotions investigates how language can become more subjective as Typography evolves beyond the font itself. It is inspired by Robert Plutchik's (1990) theories on the eight primary emotions, which inform the overall shape of the letterforms.

Remember When

Remember When inspires people to think about everyday actions that can make a real difference. It sells second-hand t-shirts with provocative sentences about sustainability. The goal is to inspire change and encourage others to join the circular economy.

In collaboration with Miguel Desport.

2.8 Planets

A Vinyl Record Cover of "Money", by Pink Floyd, that exposes the issue of consumerism – particularly the fact that if everybody lived like the average European, we would need 2.8 planets.

In collaboration with Miguel Desport.
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