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Rose Zhu

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Rose Zhu is a graphic and motion designer. She is a big fan of using different design techniques to show social problems, and willing to consider the design under different culture and industry conditions. She also has huge interests in service design and art direction, as she's very fond of analysing the existing problem and presenting it with an aesthetic approach. In the future, she will keep her passion for using design as a transformational tool to do much more complex tasks.

Transparent Cube

Death is a natural law, but it cannot block the emotions between people, so humans invented activities to commemorate their loved ones. It varies with regional cultural characteristics. With the development of the times, can we absorb the essence and discard the dross? Can we change the inherent attitude towards the commemoration? Can we find and create a new and more sustainable way? In this project, I decided to redefine the form of human interaction with memory and death by creating a new way of commemorating the lost loved ones, using cyanotype as a graphic printing and photography technique.

WINDOW: Past and Present

The specific content of the project is not subject to interference and is determined by the content provided by family and friends in Wuhan. The project uses daily life videos of Wuhan people living around the world to show the living conditions of isolated cities in the epidemic. In the future, the project will have the potential to be exhibited as a digital artwork in the museum and hope to interact with more viewers.


In this project, I wanted to target young people 18-25 years old who are those likely to pursue adventure and excitement and dare to try new things. Being in a safe zone means being bored, doing nothing, or not going forward. But it also means staying calm, careful and peaceful, which is best when on the road. It allows young people to pay attention to road safety and have a sense of responsibility while on the road.
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