Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Rossy Liu
- Rossy Liu is a traditional graphic designer. She is a big fan of using collages in her work as well as various shapes and intense colours. She also has huge interests in printing and publishing, as she's very found of papers.

Before she stepped into the final year, she undertook a gap year doing internships within industry from London to Copenhagen: Book Arts Workshop in LCC, Mazzotti Studio, London Centre for Book Arts, and Oak Publishing.

HIDE IN HERE (publication)

-Based on her internship for the Danish publisher, she decided to produce a magazine designed by herself for this industrial practice project.

London is such a big city that has raised variety of enormously big and official museums, but also allows development of the small and local museums hiding in the basements or attics that are even more attractive and prosperous. This is what this magazine “HIDE IN HERE” wants to share with its readers, to explore the fascination of those hidden and quirky places.

HIDE IN HERE (event)

-While Rossy was doing research about hidden museums for HIDE IN HERE publication, she made a list of them and thought that would be a shame if they can’t be promoted. Based on her interest in branding, she decided to make an extension of the theme of the magazine but in a different form.

HIDE IN HERE is a cultural event aim to introduce to its audiences about hidden museums in London. Most of the information will be hidden based on the concept. Therefore people have to start an adventure and to explore the museums themselves, by purchasing ticket online and get the ticket package.


-MUSHI is a unique life form created in a Japanese manga series called "Mushishi", that appears as "life in its purest form". Most of the time they can't be seen by normal people, which was the reason Rossy want to make this book - Mushi inside it can be seen/felt vaguely by people.

It's a purely white outcome including four chosen technics after experimenting: screen print, blind foiling, embossing and thermal print. Not to only show the concept of indistinctly and gleamingly creatures. But to also avoid interferences, to focus only on Mushi's forms and shapes.